Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How to Make Super Cute Gift Bags Along With Some Super Cute Gifts to put in Them.

Hello everyone! 
Today I want to show you this little 
weekend project, along with a bunch
of kawaii cute things you can stuff in these
little gift bags! 

 I don't know if I even
need a tutorial for this, its is so simple.

                                             you will need:

                                              * paper bags or lunch bags
                                      *  border punches (I used Martha Stewart punches)
                                              *  anything you want to decorate your bags with
                    from sticker, labels ,washi tape, and Baker's 
              twine, to give you some ideas. 

Then you cut the bag to the size you want
the bag to be, and then use your border
punches to make a nice trim.

And then decorate them the way you 
want to. 



So, the majority of these little cute things
are from MarabellesHandMades

All the things in the green dish 
above,are from MarabellesHandMades.

Have a wonderful day!

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